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System Operation & Setup

28 items

  • BrowserOpen

    Open a web browser with the given URL

  • ClipboardContent

    Get the contents of the clipboard as an expression

  • CreatePackageEventHandler

    Create an event handler that evaluates an expression when a package is loaded

  • DirectorySize

    Find the total size of a directory

  • EnsureDirectory

    Ensure that a directory exists, no matter what

  • EnsureFilePath

    Create the directory for a given file if it does not already exist

  • ExportRotatingGIF

    Export 3D graphic objects as spinning animations in GIF format

  • FileQ

    Test if a file exists

  • FileSystemCompare

    Compare the contents of two directories

  • ImportOnce

    A version of Import which uses a cache of the result unless the source file has changed

  • KernelStatusGrid

    Display all named kernels that are currently defined, their current status, the process ids of those that are running, and some additional useful controls

  • MoveMouse

    Move the mouse cursor to a specified location

  • NotebookRelativePath

    Return the full path to a file relative to the current notebook

  • RunAfterLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package finishes loading

  • RunBeforeLoading

    Evaluate an expression when a package is first loaded

  • RunOnQuit

    Set an evaluation to run when the Wolfram Language kernel session is terminated

  • SaveReadableNotebook

    Save a notebook to a file that is formatted to maximize readability when viewing changes in version control systems

  • SessionInformation

    Get an association containing various session-related information

  • Spotlight

    Access the Spotlight feature in MacOSX from within the Wolfram Language

  • SystemShellRun

    Run a command on the current system shell

  • Win32MoveWindow

    Moves a window on a Windows machine

  • Win32WindowDimensions

    Get the width and height of a window

  • Win32WindowPosition

    Get the position of a window

  • Win32Windows

    Returns the Window handles (HWNDs) of all windows

  • Win32WindowTitle

    Returns the title of a window

  • Win32WindowToFront

    Brings a window to the foreground to ensure it is visible

  • WindowsSystemData

    Get information from the current Windows system about running processes, hardware, security settings and more

  • WolframMark

    Run the standard Wolfram Language benchmark