GroundSeer™ Regressor: Step 2.

The 2nd piece of information you need to auto-focus your ensemble of regressors is the covariance error matrix between them.

As in the Relative Regressor Bias calculator above, we don't want to see your data! You need to summarize it by running the Python code in step 2 below and then submitting the output file below.

  1. Download this Python code, it details the delta square moments we need to calculate for your data. This code needs to be saved to your working POC directory as
  2. Download this Python code that actually does the square deltas computations. It results in a summary of your data consisting of 720 real numbers. Save the output to a .txt file.
  3. Submit the output file from step 2 to measure your precision error square moments.

The app works using a Compressed Sensing algorithm published in ICML 2008. Since recovery of the error signal is not guaranteed with one random measurement matrix, we use 20 in the calculation.

NOTE: Currently we only have a file for 9 regressors. We will be adding files for 6,7, and 8 later.