The Computational Thinking Initiative is not currently engaged in hiring but expects to be doing so in the spring of 2018 and thereafter. We anticipate hiring for the following types of positions:

We are seeking individuals who combine a strong ability to communicate with a deep knowledge of computational thinking and its implementation in the Wolfram Language. These individuals will be responsible for the delivery of AI Adventures across the United States (significant travel required), the formulation of teaching materials and serving as support for AI Leagues. Experience in cloud computing, a background in teaching, and fluency in foreign languages such as Spanish are all strong pluses.

General Support Staff
We are seeking individuals who have a strong background in logistics and event planning as well as general office work. A working knowledge of Mathematica/the Wolfram Language is a significant plus as is strength in general technical and computer skills.

Associate Director
We are seeking an individual with a passion for computational thinking education and a strong background in private philanthropy and government grants. Excellent writing and communication skills are essential. This person should have a working knowledge of Mathematica/the Wolfram Language.


If you would like to be considered for any of these positions, please complete the form below.