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About This Site

This is a paclet server. It lists the currently available paclets at this site. You can download any paclet via the “Download” link on its page. Alternatively, you can install paclets viaPacletInstall.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Via the paclet download link

$paclet = 

  • Via a paclet site:

$pacletName = "NameOfPaclet";
PacletSiteAdd["https://this.paclet.server", "Paclet site description"];

About Paclets

Paclets are the standard Mathematica package distribution format. They’re the source code for a package compressed with a PacletInfo.m file that provides meta-information about the package.

Paclets installed viaPacletInstallcan automatically be loaded viaGetwithout passing the source name and provide all of the conveniences of a Mathematica application.