AmhCode  v1.0.4

A paclet full of legacy code from a few years ago. Mostly depends on a python-style object system.

BTools  v2.1.36

A general purpose package that implements useful functionality for application development. Features include: distribution tools, documentation generation, front-end manipulation, and application editing

ChemTools  v1.3.1

A collection of packages for object oriented chemistry. The primary packages implement an object and data framework. Support is included for basic spectroscopy and a few different external programs. A moderately sophisticated discrete variable representation framework is included as well.

DocGen  v1.0.5

A paclet for generating documentation. Both notebook and HTML docs are supported. Also supports automatic documentation generation. Forked from BTools.

PublicPacletServer  v0.0.7

A beta version of a paclet for interfacing with the public paclet server Current supports: forking the server, submitting paclets, sending PRs, cloning the server, and building the server

PyTools  v1.0.10

A process-based link between Mathematica and python. Includes tools based off of this link