About This Site

This is a paclet server. It lists the currently available paclets at this site. You can download any paclet via the “Download” link on its page. Alternatively, you can install paclets via PacletInstall .

There are three ways to do this:

  • Via the paclet download link

 $paclet = 
  • Via a paclet site:

 $pacletName = "NameOfPaclet";
$pacletSite = "https://this.paclet.server";
PacletInstall[$pacletName, "Site" -> $pacletSite]
  • Via an update-able paclet site:

 $pacletName = "NameOfPaclet";
PacletSiteAdd["https://this.paclet.server", "Paclet site description"];

About Paclets

Paclets are the standard Mathematica package distribution format. They’re the source code for a package compressed with a PacletInfo.m file that provides meta-information about the package.

Paclets installed via PacletInstall can automatically be loaded via Get without passing the source name and provide all of the conveniences of a Mathematica application.