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Perform analytic and numeric quantum computations

Contributed By: Wolfram Research, Quantum Computation Framework team

The Wolfram Quantum Framework brings a broad, coherent design for quantum computation, together with a host of leading-edge capabilities, and full integration into Mathematica and Wolfram Language. Starting from discrete quantum mechanics, the Framework provides a high-level symbolic representation of quantum bases, states, and operators. The Framework can perform measurements and is equipped with various well-known states and operators, such as Bell states and Pauli operators. Using such simulation capabilities as a foundation, one can use the Framework to model and simulate quantum circuits and algorithms.

All functions and objects in the Wolfram Quantum Framework work seamlessly with the 5,000+ built-in made available through Wolfram Language. The immediate availability of such functions allows one to study a full range of questions around quantum computation, and can serve as a helpful resource for teaching.

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To install this paclet in your Wolfram Language environment, evaluate this code:


This paclet works with version 13.0 and higher of the Wolfram Language.

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