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  • FindFoodUK

    Find information on food businesses in the UK using the Food Standards Agency database

  • FromCharacterName

    Get a string character from its name

  • FuriganaForm

    Show kana with a piece of Japanese text that indicates the pronunciation of kanji

  • HiraganaQ

    Test if a string is composed of hiragana characters

  • HistoricalCountryAnimate

    Shows an animation of the full history of a historical country’s territory, along with borders of any modern country it intersected during a given year

  • JapaneseTextTokenizer

    Separate a piece of Japanese text into grammatical parts

  • KanjiQ

    Test if a string is composed of kanji characters

  • KatakanaQ

    Test if a string is composed of katakana characters

  • LengthToShoeSize

    Find the appropriate shoe size in a given system for a wearer given a last/foot length

  • ParkrunAthleteHistory

    Generate a dataset of an athlete's running history from the https://www.parkrun.org.uk website

  • PhoneNumberAnagrams

    Find English word replacements within a phone number

  • ShoeSizeToLength

    Determine the length of a shoe given its size within any of a variety of sizing systems