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12 items

  • AtomicNumber

    Find the atomic number for a given element

  • ColorBlindnessDiagram

    Given a symbol and two colors make a color blindness diagram

  • EinsteinSolid

    Make a simulation of the Einstein solid

  • FCGRImage

    Produce a Frequency Chaos Game Representation image from a string of nucleotides

  • FromAtomicNumber

    Find the element for a given atomic number.

  • HertzsprungRussellDiagram

    Plot the position of stars in a Hertzsprung­Russell diagram

  • MilkyWayPlot3D

    Plot the position of astronomical objects within or near the Milky Way Galaxy

  • NameToSMILES

    Convert a chemical name into a SMILES identifier string

  • NPseudoVoigt

    Fast numerical approximation to the PDF of the VoigtDistribution with around 1.2% of maximum deviation

  • SelectAtoms3D

    Interactively select atom indices from a 3D molecule plot

  • SolarSystemPlot3D

    Plot the positions of solar system objects in 3D

  • SpaceWeatherData

    Gives time-dependent data for a variety of space weather properties