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11 items

  • AdjectiveQ

    Check if a word is an adjective

  • AdverbQ

    Check if a word is an adverb

  • EntityClassDimensions

    Produce a list with the number of entities in an entity class and the number of properties possessed by each entity therein

  • FuriganaForm

    Show kana with a piece of Japanese text that indicates the pronunciation of kanji

  • HistoricalCountryAnimate

    Show an animation of the full history of a historical country’s territory, along with borders of any modern country it intersected during a given year

  • JapaneseTextTokenizer

    Separate a piece of Japanese text into grammatical parts

  • NounQ

    Check if a word is a noun

  • OrdinalNumberString

    Convert integers to strings representing ranks: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

  • RandomWikipediaData

    Display the text of a randomly chosen Wikipedia page

  • UKPostcodeLookup

    Find information associated with a UK postcode

  • VerbQ

    Check if a word is a verb