Modeling shadows of generated trees [2023]
Nicholas Wang
Analyzing the game dots and boxes using multiway graphs [2023]
Andrea Li
Recreate the Beresheet lunar crash [2023]
Dev Sharma
Mapping reactivity in organic chemistry [2023]
Alexander Do
Exploring the Korean word chain game [2023]
Hyewon Park
Create geographic compactness measurements for randomly generated districts [2023]
Isaac McGreevy
Mapping the motion of hands between ASL alphabet signs [2023]
Jenny Wang
Generating cloudlike structures using fractals [2023]
Leo Zhao
Find mathematical patterns in city street maps [2023]
Xingchen Li
Function that turns any image into an Ishihara’s test for Color Deficiency [2023]
Aishwarya Main
Visualize and analyze the Marvel Universe social network [2023]
Jaimie Park
Building Interpreters for Esoteric Programming Languages [2023]
Mich Obia
Generating animated guitar tutorials [2023]
Nikhil Mani
Creating and analyzing voting systems using pseudorandom population simulations [2023]
Sofia Wang
Categorizing protein sequences based on foldings [2023]
Tvesha Ghosh
Predict and visualize terms of number sequences [2023]
Anne Shuai
Analyzing and improving CNN performance with rotated and blurred images [2023]
David Wang
Parabolic perspectives : exploring the diverse trajectories of soccer balls [2023]
Adhiraj Sud
Finding holes in multiway systems [2023]
Ankit Muppala
Create a function to compute colligative properties of binary solutions [2023]
Lakshmi Agrawal
Using multiway systems to determine the hardest two and three-digit addition sums [2023]
Parth Bhardwaj
Analysing Ancient Greek Syntax [2023]
Danae Dresiou
Linear congruential generators in cryptography [2023]
Daniel Kagan
On the mergers of numerical multiway systems [2023]
Eric Archerman
Finding optimized route for planes flying from Los Angeles to New York City [2023]
Marco Giordano
Optimizing racing lines [2023]
Isaiah Yang
Maximizing societal impact through efficient allocation of funding in developing countries [2023]
Mihir Garimella
Track and analyse pupil dilation after exposure to illumination [2023]
Anusheh Shreonty
Create and analyze a game graph for Pokémon battles [2023]
Joey Mussalli
Creating and classifying shapes of drums that have a particular series of modes [2023]
Niko Moustakas
Build a function for biochemical enzyme kinetics [2023]
Srijith Rangan
Creating categorizations of brains [2023]
Ruilin Zhu
Analyzing structures in causal graphons and potential applications to fundamental physics [2023]
Nandana Madhukara
Finding locations where hydroponic farming is more favorable based on climate conditions [2023]
Sharon Frid
Analyzing GPT-2's Brain Development [2023]
Shriya Ramanan
A System for Modeling Space Debris Collision [2023]
Shubhan Bhattacharya
Modeling Water Flow using Cellular Automata [2023]
Sophia Zhou
GPT3.5 Syntactic structure with temperature variation using graph and parse-tree similarity [2023]
Tianyi Gu
Generate solvable KenKen puzzles [2023]
Tom Schlessinger
Evaluating the Impact of Complexity Variation in Neural Nets on Learning Math Functions [2023]
Tony Shen
Base N Computer Simulation: Visual Analysis and Collatz Conjecture [2023]
Tyler Rose
Detecting if an image has been modified [2023]
Aidan Zhang
Find the simplest cellular automaton to generate a given sequence [2023]
Twisha Patel
Deconstructing GPT2 to relate LLM activity to fMRI activation voxels [2023]
Avi Verma
Create discrete color schemes to enhance cellular automata visualization [2023]
Zoe Chia
Modeling solar system formation from circular initial conditions [2023]
Anyalina Vertigan
Exploring self-avoiding walks with multiway systems [2023]
Max Grunwald
Analysis of bacterial relatedness through their antibiotic resistance genes [2023]
Angela Zhan
Create a Synesthesia Simulator [2023]
Chanu Yang
Morphological Analysis of River Tributaries and Flood Plains: A Multi-Dimensional Approach [2023]
George Cheng
Complex behavior in 2-color 2-state 2D Turing machines [2023]
Joyce Huang
Enhancing diabetes prediction through the optimization of dropout regularization [2023]
Kartik Mathur
Finding high density airplane locations in the US and its impact on COPD [2023]
Mahir Labib
Exploring computational dynamics of formal-language syntax using multiway systems [2023]
Navvye Anand
Solving logic puzzles based on logical statements [2023]
Nishnath Polavarapu
Developing pathfinding algorithms with exclusively right turns [2023]
Ryan Tong
Generating Pac-Man levels from street maps [2023]
Sameer Agarwal
Generating game levels using Wave Function Collapse [2023]
Samion Suwito
Analyzing cosmic rays using the Pixet particle detector [2023]
Pragyan Yadav
Solar panel placement on Mars [2023]
Alisa Zaitseva
Optimizing paths in sailing through aerodynamics simulations [2023]
Ethan Kong
Vision based websites correlations analysis [2022]
Nicolò Monti
Mapping the Trajectory of Points via Ocean Currents [2022]
Karan Chakravarthy
Multiway Sandpile Models with Applications to LCFTs [2022]
Damian Musk
Generate Super Mario Bros. Levels [2022]
Samion Suwito
Optimizing traffic light timings in simulated cities [2022]
Henry Gustafson
Exploring Quantum Cellular Automata with the Wolfram Quantum Paclet [2022]
Joseph Stocke
Multiway Sequential Cellular Automata [2022]
Margaux Wong
Multicomputational Polynomials [2022]
Latika Sreenath
Finding Trends in Word Changes across Languages [2022]
Mansi Singh
Selecting Flowers by Color [2022]
Allison Chow
Creating Standardized Camera Moves for 3D Graphics [2022]
Arianna Cao
Generating Crossword Puzzles Out of a Given Set of Words [2022]
Aruj Bansal
Multiway graph for Connect 4 [2022]
Aryan Maskara
Determine keywords for a programming language from code snippets [2022]
Allen Tian
Do planes near airports tend to fly over Greenspace? [2022]
Anthony Lee
Converting Image to Thread Art [2022]
Danae Dresiou
Propagated Jazz Improvisation for Walking Bass Lines [2022]
William Wei
Improving the Colorblind Friendliness of an Image [2022]
Gabriel Yang
To Find Craters on the Surface of the Moon [2022]
Gia Sareen
Boolean logic on SK combinators [2022]
Gleb Rusyaev
Exploring Subatomic Particles and Collisions in Class 4 CA using AI [2022]
Harini Thiagarajan
What Punctuation Should Be Added to a String of Text? [2022]
Hozaifa Bhutta
Calculate Efficient Moves to Clear Balls from a Billiard Table [2022]
Hyunjae Chung
Locate and Analyze Food Deserts in the USA [2022]
Jason Chae
Extract the Laws of Physics from Videos of Bouncing Balls [2022]
Josh Liu
Ranking US States by "flyoverness” [2022]
Stephen Jones
Create Greek columns with different depths of flutes and fillets [2022]
Mahira Hafeez
Given a Sentence, Predict Writer's Native Language [2022]
Muskan Mahajan
Create molecules with a particular boiling point [2022]
Maiyun Zhang
Number of Ommatidia Required by Fruit Flies to Read [2022]
Nidhi Noronha
Matching National Flag Images with Emojis [2022]
Nikhil Sunkad
Classification of English language adjectives [2022]
Nora Popescu
Determine Templates to Guess Passwords [2022]
Sophie Chen
Generate step-by-step diagram-based instructions for video dances [2022]
Shivansh Gupta
Computationally Generating music, Given Lyrics [2022]
Sohum Bajaj
Analyze "the drop" in EDM songs [2022]
Suhaan Mobhani
Optimizing multilayered neural networks on boolean functions [2022]
Taein Kim
Explore Triple Color Mobile Automata [2022]
Thun Sophyreath
Optimal Sorting Networks With Respect to Cost Criteria [2022]
Victor Zhou
Prediction Methods For Locating A-Helices After Protein Folding [2022]
Zara Hayat
Sentiment and frequency analysis across time on The Office subreddit [2022]
Zoya Brahimzadeh
Analyze the Multiway Graph of Mancala [2022]
Bowei Zhang
Analyzing Emoji Use across Global Subreddits [2022]
Sajal Shukla
Color Distance for Colorblind People [2022]
Sasha Pazoki
From pictures of animals, try to reconstruct the tree of life [2022]
Maya Viswanathan
Exploring the Divergence in Pronunciations of Chinese Characters [2022]
Emily Do
Red blood cell analysis from a 2D microscopic image of blood [2022]
Trisha Bagri
Multi-Robot Exploration of an Enclosed Space [2021]
Shiv Kampani
Computational Crochet [2021]
Eli Morton
Commercial Text-Image Sentiment Analysis Timeline [2021]
Aryan Dawer
Exploring Methods of Parsing User Agent Strings [2021]
Austin Geng
Exploring Pi Calculus and Petri Nets [2021]
Rohan Mehta
Implementing Many-Valued Logic in the Wolfram Language [2021]
Nika Chuzhoy
Generating 3D Optimal Rotations [2021]
Chengda Li
Building Isolation and Average Shape Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques [2021]
Sidharth Jain
On CDT-Based Simplicial Triangulation Decomposition in the Wolfram Language [2021]
Damian Musk
Nim With a Pass: A Computational Analysis [2021]
Arul Kolla
Creating Word Clouds of Character Names from Works of Fiction [2021]
Christine Tsu
Analyzing Recipes [2021]
Firmiana Wang
“Green Score” of Company Headquarters from Satellite Imagery [2021]
Brian Hu
Exploring Minimal Deep Learning Systems Using Boolean Functions [2021]
Andri Kadaifciu
Pick Out Spirals in the Images of Flowers [2021]
Fiona Law
Analyzing the Sales of NFT’s and Making a Live Dashboard [2021]
Hemanth Surya Ganesh Kapa
Analyzing COVID-19 Vaccine Sentiment Over Time [2021]
Arshaan Sayed
Finding Interesting Behavior in 4D Cellular Automata [2021]
Yana Outkin
Structuring and Exploring TEI Marked-Up Texts [2021]
Anika Karpurapu
Visualizing the Game Graphs of Tic-Tac-Toe-Like Games [2021]
Henry Gustafson
Automatic Generation of Representational Infographics [2021]
Megan Davi
Investigating Turing Machines With Longer Head-Jumps [2021]
Gooha Park
Curate the Cities in Ptolemy’s Geography and Analyze Errors [2021]
Theodore Moustakas
Building a Graph-Based Reaction Network [2021]
Joseph Stocke
Mapping Urban Boundaries onto Satellite Images of Cities [2021]
Raghav Sriram
Creating an Algorithm to Break Human Names into “First” and “Last” [2021]
Unnathi Kumar
Make a Video Effect for Transitioning Between Two Given Pictures [2021]
Yulin Tang
Determining the Optimal Path for a Ship Between Coastal Points [2021]
Abhinav Govindaraju
Visualizing Email Threads Using Graphs [2021]
John Gerlach
Tracking Points Through History [2021]
Eric Do
Scheduling Algorithm Using Combinatorial Optimization [2021]
Jiayang Xia
Historical Popularities of Subjects Based on Word Frequency [2021]
Audrey Shin
Billboard Top 100 GUI [2021]
Claire Chen
Analysis of Called Values of Nested Recursive Functions [2021]
Yunho Song
Pick Out Runways from Satellite Photographs of Airports [2021]
Ian Lee
Analogues of the THX Deep Note Chord [2021]
Evelyn Di Genova
Formatting Elements on a Page [2021]
Davis Mo
Neighborhood Tilings [2021]
Leo Kargin
Creating Substitution Systems on New 12.3 Tree Data Structures [2021]
Logan Gilbert
Visualizing and Analyzing Plant Root Network Characteristics [2021]
Rushank Goyal
Implementing Counter Machines [2021]
Samikshaa Natarajan
Fractal Dimension Analysis of Leaves to Predict Geographic Location [2021]
Srisahith Korandla
Using Genetic Algorithms and Cellular Automata to Model Xenobots [2021]
Khushi Gupta
Investigating the Statistics of Text Structure Parse Trees [2021]
Krishna Sidde
Reddit Popularity Analysis and Score Prediction [2021]
Mirza Hussain
Correlating Land Use with Carbon Emission Data [2020]
Olivia Schenker
Digital Contact Tracing Simulations [2020]
Megha Narayanan
Measuring Fractal Dimensions of Coastlines [2020]
Jennifer Xiong
Looking for Multiway Systems of Intermediate Growth [2020]
Yorick Zeschke
Simulate Audio with Different Arrangements of Speakers [2020]
Shubham Kumar
Computing Radioactive Decay Products as a Function of Time [2020]
Sheldon Rego
Explorations of the Hypergraph wm44586 [2020]
Quinn Mcintyre
Simulating Satellite Collisions [2020]
Anna Krzyzanska
Exploring Staircase Solutions to Forced Wave Equations [2020]
Rauan Kaldybaev
Suggesting Variable Names Based on a Piece of Code [2020]
John Gerlach
Simulating Spacecraft Trajectory in the Outer Solar System [2020]
Ashton Lee
Characterizing Density and Ergodicity in Billiard Polygons [2020]
Supriya Roy
Simulating Relativistic Transformations for Complex Objects [2020]
Utkarsh Bajaj
Generating Pseudowords with Correct Statistics to Be Words [2020]
Luca Jones
Creating Graphs of Bitcoin Transactions [2020]
Egor Bugaev
Graphing Language Families Using Lexical Similarity [2020]
Yuvraj Diwan
Finding Messages in Binary Data [2020]
Yana Outkin
Making an XML Formatter/Visualizer [2020]
Timothy Bilik
Finding the Shortest Path through a Field of Disks [2020]
Thomas Shundi
Inflecting Latin Words [2020]
Stella Maymin
Determining the Update Date of a Website from Archived HTML Data [2020]
Roman Parker
Classifying a Set of Stars by Their Relative Positions [2020]
Rishi Soni
Comparing Different Methods of Calculating DNA Melting Temperature [2020]
Prachi Kharade
Studying Rates of Language Change [2020]
Noemi Chulo
Coloring Nations Based on How Similar Their Flags Are [2020]
Matthew Sprintson
Imitating Writing Style through Transfer Learning [2020]
Martin Slomczykowski
Visualisations of a Multiway Graph [2020]
Macy Maurer Levin
Generate Coexistence Graphs of Bird Species Using eBird Data [2020]
Logan Gilbert
Predicting Integrals Using Machine Learning [2020]
Karan Kashyap
Viewshed Analysis at a Specific Location and Elevation [2020]
Justin Ji
Visualizing and Generating Queries on Datasets [2020]
Justin Choi
Tessellating Images into Wallpaper Groups [2020]
Jibiana Jakpor
Analyzing Moiré Patterns [2020]
Geoffrey Wu
Industrial Activity as a Function of Time [2020]
Franklin Ho
Fingerprinting NFL Teams over Time Using Feature Extraction [2020]
Eugene Choi
Analyzing and Computing with Combinators [2020]
Eric Paul
Audio Inpainting [2020]
Emily Jiah Hyun
Creating a WL-Based Musical Instrument [2020]
Eli Morton
Exploring Graph-Distance Metrics [2020]
Daniel Zeng
Cyclic String Substitution and Multiway Systems [2020]
Chandra Gangavarapu
Compare Administrative Divisions to Real Boundaries Using NASA Data [2020]
Aryan Jain
Using Neural Networks to Locate a US Flag in an Image [2020]
Anirudh Bachiraju
Visualizing the Path down a Mountain with the Least Gradient [2020]
Anika Patel
Analysing Global Emoji Usage [2019]
Anwesha Das
Tracking Algorithm for Squash [2019]
Alex Alexandrovskiy
Automatic Metrical Scansion of Latin Poetry in Dactylic Hexameter [2019]
Laney Moy
Colorful Fraud: Utilizing Adversarial Examples to Expose Flaws in Neural Network Architectures [2019]
Nico Ademo
Enumerating Polycubes [2019]
Noelle Crawford
Automatic Evaluation of the Relationships Between Characters in Plays [2019]
Jason Zeng
Simulating Binary Star Systems [2019]
Drake Hayes
Generating Nets for Random Convex Polyhedra [2019]
Sunny Wang
Automated Spot the Difference [2019]
Stella Maymin
Chemical Bonds: Molecular Orbitals for One-Electron Diatomic Molecules [2019]
Mohammad Alhudaithi
Parse What Is Happening in a Videogame from Images [2019]
Nabeel Ur Rehman Nayyar
Patterns in N-Body Simulations: Statistical Analysis of the Three Body Problem [2019]
Pedro Cabral
Generating Crossword Puzzles [2019]
Simeon Buttery
Use Machine Learning to Predict if Topography Is Above Water or Underwater [2019]
Khang Nguyen
Creating Phylogenetic Graphs of Programming Languages with Machine Learning [2019]
Matias Shundi
Face Emoji Identification [2019]
Jade Han
Modeling the Orientation of a Random Polyhedron on Water [2019]
Heidi Yoon
Implementing a Visualizer for DNA Sequence Alignments [2019]
Jessica Shi
Fitting the World: Determining Physical Scale from Satellite Images [2019]
William Goodall
Investigating Pattern Periods in the Diagonals of the Rule 45 Cellular Automaton [2019]
Aniruddh Sriram
Implementing a Tsetlin Machine Framework [2019]
Dmitri Volkov
Visualizing the Fourier Series for Curves [2019]
Mukilan Karthikeyan
Musical Audio Analysis of Human Dialogue [2019]
Jamie Lim
Classifying Fiction and Non-Fiction Works Using Machine Learning [2019]
Rachna Gupta
Machine Learning the Optimal Cryptocurrency Portfolio from Blockchain Activity [2019]
Shivain Vij
Detecting Malaria-Infected Blood Cells Using Machine Learning [2019]
Shruti Panse
Character Shape Analysis [2019]
Daniel Shin
3D Cellular Automata [2019]
Adrienne Lai
Classifying Stocks by Their Return ‘Fingerprints’ [2019]
Aaliyah Sayed
Ordinary Differential Equations and Complexity/Chaos Theory [2019]
Tianyi Wang
Mood Detection in Human Speech [2019]
Dev Chheda
A Computational Method to Predict Reference X Ray Diffraction (XRD) Patterns [2019]
Hamza Alsamraee
Packet Journey: A Visualization [2019]
Alice Liu
Visualizing the Effect of Sea Level Rise on a Topographic Map [2019]
Arian Patel
Creating a Common Word List for Marathi Language [2019]
Aryan Deshpande
Explore The Code 624 Cellular Automaton [2019]
Brian LuValle
Simulating Different Rules For a Four-Way Intersection [2019]
Eddie Kim
Captioning Graphs of Continuous Functions [2019]
Hedi Ben Daoud
Musical Audio Analysis of Human Dialogue [2019]
Jamie Lim
Examining Stock Pricing Anomalies [2019]
Jonathan Zhou
Predicting Mountains’ Locations [2019]
Lena Libon
Visualizing a Binary Black Hole Merger [2019]
Macy Levin
Exploring Lifetime Distributions for Nuclear Isotope Decay Cascades [2019]
Srinath Rangan
Automated Acute Leukemia Symptom Analysis from Microscopical Blood Images [2019]
Steve Park
ChanceMe: Calculating the Chance of Getting into Colleges Based on Stats and ECs [2018]
Pavan Agrawal
Using Multilevel Graph Partitioning Algorithms to Construct Compact and Contiguous Districts [2018]
Alex Chandler
Economics of CryptoKitties [2018]
Kyle Kotanchek
Using Machine Learning to Diagnose Pneumonia from Chest X Rays [2018]
Rohit Panse
Simulating Auditory and Visual deficiencies [2018]
Sartaj Gulati
Sentiment Analysis in Music Through Machine Learning [2018]
William Zhu
Finding the Shortest Path Between Two Points on a Rough Terrain [2018]
Hee Jae Hong
Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis to determine emoji sentiment [2018]
Jake Frances
Identifying and Converting the Major Currencies Using Machine Learning [2018]
Morgan Lee
Extending the Collatz Sequence in 1D and Generalizing it to 2D [2018]
Ethan Bogle
Visualizing Fractional Colorings for Random Graphs [2018]
Jongwan Kim
Game Boy Emulation in the Wolfram Language [2018]
Venkat Rao
Analyzing Online Censorship in China [2018]
Brian Zhang
Interfacing Wolfram Language capabilities with SMS and MMS messaging [2018]
Ivan Galakhov
Analysis and Visualization of Chord Sequences in Music [2018]
Paolo Lammens
Formulating the Optimal Graphic for Data Using Machine Learning [2018]
Aparna Kumar
Balanced Ternary [2018]
Hugh Paynter
Producing Four-Colorings of Historical Geopolitical Maps [2018]
Nikesh Mishra
Proof of a Diophantine Equation that outputs Fibonacci Numbers [2018]
Suhaas Kataria
Identifying Benford’s Law in Cryptocurrency Transactions [2018]
Hannah Kim
Analysing Image Dithering [2018]
Nalin Bhardwaj
Finding Gliders in Cellular Automata [2018]
Colin Weller
A Machine Learning Analysis of the Halting Problem over the SKI Combinator Calculus [2018]
Euan Ong
ASCII?: Convert Images and GIFs into ASCII Art [2018]
Radzim Sendyka
Sorting Networks [2018]
Sasha Kucher
An Implementation of the Merkle-Hellman Knapsack Cryptosystem [2018]
Tanay Reddy
Using Multilevel NAND trees to Create XOR Expressions [2018]
Ben Huenemann
Finding the Author of a Text using Machine Learning [2018]
Nihar Shah
Implementation of Common Axiom Systems and Proof Generation [2018]
Pyokyeong Son
Emulating MMIX in the Wolfram Language [2018]
Suhaas Katikaneni
Implementing a Simple Folding Demonstration into Mathematica [2018]
Anugrah Chemparathy
Computational Hairdressing [2018]
Jacob Fong
Classifying 10 Different Types of Font Texts [2018]
Likith Palabindela
Classifying Music By Genre Using Neural Networks [2018]
Nikhil Gaddam
Voice sentiment classification using neural networks [2018]
Ryan Heo
Analyzing Byte Arrays [2018]
Anushka Naiknaware
Creating a Microsite that Classifies Boeing Planes [2018]
Yunqi Li
Relationships between Wolfram Language Functions [2018]
Sai kumar Murali krishnan
Chronological Dating of Historical Texts Using RNNs [2018]
Tarek Aloui
Relativistic Star Field Demonstration [2018]
Macy Maurer Levin
Classifying Prose and Poetry [2018]
Michael Wang
Modeling the Growth or Reduction of Crime from 2016-2018 in Chicago [2018]
Sachi Figliolini
Distribution of Craters on the Surface of the Moon [2018]
Samanthak Thiagarajan
Mapping the 2014 Ebola Outbreak and Modeling Its Spread [2017]
Yash Somaiya
Fully Functional ParametricPlot4D: Curves, Surfaces, and Volumes [2017]
William Sun
Using Kleene and Priest Logic Rules to Create Ternary Logic Tables [2017]
Taha Shaikh
Translating Historic and International Numeral Systems [2017]
Stephanie Nam
Name Origins [2017]
Sophia Balkovski
Finding spikes in electrophysiological data from neurons [2017]
Selina Dasol Kim
Steps for Computations on an Abacus [2017]
Sayak Bagchi
One Dimensional Neighbor-Dependent Substitution Systems [2017]
Sathvika Korandla
Classifying pictures vs. drawings [2017]
Sarah Hong
Content Aware Cropping Using a Neural Net [2017]
Robert Washbourne
Pathfinding with A* [2017]
Robert Aburustum
A Cryptographic Hash Code Algorithm based on Cellular Automata [2017]
Rishabh Mohanka
Image Rotation Correction through a Neural Network [2017]
Pierce Forte
Visualizing shapes inside Moire patterns using Mathematica [2017]
Oleg Rouvinski
Locating GPS Satellites From a Given Location
Nam Dinh Tran
Teaching Algebra by generating hints from wrong answers [2017]
Marco Fleming
A Banana Classifier [2017]
Kevin Xu
Interactive Clausius-Clapeyron Phase Boundaries [2017]
Kemal Aziz
Shall I Compare Thee in This Summer’s Neural Net? [2017]
Katie Orenstein
Exploring Halting Times in Turing Machines [2017]
Katarzyna Krzyzanska
Making Integers from Ones [2017]
Karina Ting
Using Voroni Diagrams to Optimize Offensive Schemes [2017]
Jordan Wang
Analyzing Regular Tilings [2017]
Jeremy Kogan
Enumerating and Visualizing Primitive Recursive Functions [2017]
Jeffrey Shi
Make a Website to Create and E-mail Custom Graph Paper [2017]
Jean Choi
Visualization of the GCD of Gaussian Integer Pairs [2017]
Jaeho Park
Finding Kiwi Calls In Audio Recordings [2017]
Isaac Chandler
Iterated Circle Packing with Circles of Multiple Radii [2017]
Ian Shors
Survival Probabilities in the United States [2017]
Fiona Lee
Using Machine Learning to Identify Road Signs [2017]
Emma Yang
Text Table Optimization
Davey Morse
Is This A Joke? - Humor Detection [2017]
Daschel Cooper
Meteorite Landing Projections [2017]
Chirasmita Kompella
Checksum Algorithms [2017]
Carolina Mora
Visualizing XML [2017]
Calvin Watford
Blockchain Visualization Using the Wolfram Language [2017]
Ayush Singla
Predicting Fractal Dimension Using Machine Learning [2017]
Aubhro Sengupta
Automated Building Identification from Satellite Imagery [2017]
Anish Mahendran
Polyhedra Classifier
Andre Wang
Extending Power Towers to Complex Realms [2017]
Andres Gorrochategui
Modeling Force on the Foot While Walking and Running [2017]
Amy Li
Shortest plane route with elevation ceiling [2017]
Adam Czarnecki
Determining Political Orientation of Text with Machine Learning [2017]
Abinav Routhu
3D Interactive Satellite Globe [2015]
Will Bensky
Creating a Voronoi Mesh from an Image [2015]
Francesco Insulla
Converting an Image into Music [2015]
David Friedenberg
A Graphical Analysis of the US Code [2015]
Riley Cohen
Colors in Movie Posters [2015]
Daniel Oh
Visualizing the Collatz Conjecture and Some Variants [2015]
Alex Han
Sea Level Rise [2015]
Anush Mehrabyan
Folding Nets into Polyhedra [2015]
Jonathan Kogan
Lighting Optimization [2015]
Joshua Doonquah
Paths Down a Mountain [2015]
Yury Chistov
Foam Bubbles Simulating Voronoi Diagrams [2015]
Suzie Byun
Hexagonal Insect Vision [2015]
Roshan Nair
Algebraic Operations on Melodies [2015]
Justin Lubin
A Multilingual Paradigm for Keyboard Optimization Using Simulated Annealing [2015]
Coleman Haley
Rolling Polyhedron and Center of Gravity Plot [2015]
JungHwan Min
Make Your Name 3D [2015]
Seth Liyanage
Extended Birthday Problem [2015]
Derenik Pogosyan
Colored Noise Generator [2015]
Sargis Daghbashyan
Deducing Gender from Voice [2015]
Radhika Agrawal
Simulating Particles on a Vibrating Surface [2015]
Clara Li
Person Word Search [2015]
Kylee Krzanich
Random Tree Generator [2015]
Annie Kim
Random Triangle Path Finder [2015]
Aren Karapetyan
Random Company Name and Patchwork Cellular Automaton Generator [2015]
Jacob Brown
English or American English Classifier [2015]
Noam Miller
Isomer Generator for Organic Molecules [2015]
William Zhang
Graphical Representations of Depleted Zeta Subseries [2015]
Andrew Kwon
Comparing Linguistic Forms of Different Wikipedia Articles [2015]
Aparna Paul
Gene Mutation Visualizer (The GeNomic Project) [2015]
Noam Ringach
Poems and Lyrics Sentiment Classifier [2015]
Omar Aguilar
Floating Polygons [2015]
Shu-Yu “Michelle” Lin
Speaker Identification by Machine Learning [2015]
Saarthak Sachdeva
Modern Jefferson Cipher [2015]
Hakeem Salem
Enigma Machine Image Cryptography [2015]
Sasank Vishnubhatla
Text Fractalizer [2015]
Shivani Angappan