The AI that quantifies your Cells and Nuclei!

Use CytoButler to analyse Cell or Nuclei morphology in your microscopy images.
Drag and drop or upload your microscopy image (any format supported but the free version is limited to 2D images). If both shapes are labelled in your image you can analyse them together! Just select the corresponding button below. Click submit without uploading an image to see an example output. You can improve performance by providing the estimated Cell/Nuclei size in pixels or decreasing/increasing the AI sensitivity below.
Files you upload will be anonymised and used for improvements to the software. Check out our changelog.
This software is free to use. Please contact us if you are interested in a personalised version of CytoButler, which could include: 3D cell and nuclei tracking, batch processing, additional post processing, and/or API access + FIJI integration :

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