The AI that analyses your Kymographs

Use this cloud-app for the analysis of particle traces in kymographs. Unfortunately, running this webform has become too expensive due to rising server costs and usage. We recently started paying >$3000 per year in computational costs which is too much for a startup of our size. If you want to use KymoButler please sign up for KymoButler Multi (first link below) or try out one of the other options below. 
UPDATE: Want to try multi-kymograph processing? Sign up for KymoButler Multi  here!
A plugin is now available for  ImageJ.
This webform is based on:  Jakobs et al. eLife 2019
We will continuously update it with the data submitted by our users. Check out our changelog.
You can find a mathematica library and the source code of this software  here.
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